Comprehensive LEA Improvement Plan (CLIP)

Thomaston-Upson School System cordially invites parents, community partners, and stakeholders to provide input on the FY18 Comprehensive LEA Improvement Plan (CLIP).  Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Title I regulations for federal compliance, parents are encouraged to provide input on the revisions of the district’s Comprehensive LEA Improvement Plan (CLIP) and the district’s Parent and Family Engagement Policy. Below you will find a copy of the District Improvement Plan and Parent and Family Engagement  Policy for your review. Please use the feedback form to provide any suggestions and/or comments. You may email Mrs. Julie English at or send comments via mail to Mrs. Julie English, Thomaston-Upson School System, 205 Civic Center Drive, Thomaston, GA 30286 by June 1, 2018. 

Parent Involvement Coordinator

The district has a parent involvement coordinator (PIC) who schedules parent activities. For more information, contact your child’s school. If you have any comments or suggestions, always feel free to contact the PIC. The PIC will take your feedback to the leadership team of the school and will provide helpful tips to school staff.   

The school district has a parent and family engagement policy. It is revised every year, and a copy of this document is also distributed to parents in multiple ways. Click here for the district’s parent and family engagement policy.

At the beginning and end of the school year, schools distribute a parent questionnaire. The results of this survey are used to review the effectiveness of parent activities. Feedback from these surveys is very important. The school parent and family engagement policy and school activities are developed from feedback parents give on these surveys.

Parent Involvement Information

Parent Involvement is the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities. The purpose is to ensure that parents play an integral role in their child’s learning and are active in their child’s education at school.

Opportunities for Parental Involvement
Opportunities for parental involvement include parent workshops, parent advisory committees, school council, PTO, parent volunteers, school planning meetings, and parent-teacher conferences.


Parent and Family Engagement Policy

The purpose of the school parent and family engagement policy is to ensure that strong strategies are in place to build the capacity to involve parents in an effective partnership with the school and share and support high student academic achievement. The school and parents must jointly develop and agree on the policy. It is revised every year to meet the changing needs of parents. The policy is distributed to parents in multiple ways.  


School-Parent Compact

Every year, students, parents, and school staff sign a compact or agreement. This compact outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the State’s high standards. This compact is revised with parent input at the end of each school year and then distributed to all parents to be signed at the beginning of the next school year.


District and School Improvement Plans


The purpose of Title III, ESOL is to prepare students for success in school and in society through the development of cultural awareness and English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

WIDA's Amplification of Standards

Can-Do Descriptors

Home Language Survey

ESOL Forms Information Sheet

ESOL Intake Flow Chart

Title III / ESOL Resources

Notifications to Parents of English Learners

Previously stated in both Title I and Title III under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the overarching parent and family engagement law regarding notices to parents of English Learners (ELs) receiving supplemental language support is now under Title I, Part A, Section 1112(e)(3) in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Local educational agencies (LEAs) are required to send a notification, in a language and format appropriate for the reader, to parents of ELs who have been selected to participate in the LEA’s Title III or Title I supplemental language program. This notice also permits the parent to waive participation in the Title-funded services.

Professional Qualifications - Parent’s Right to Know

In compliance with the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Thomaston-Upson School System would like to inform you that you may request information about the professional qualifications of your student’s teacher(s) and/ or paraprofessional(s).  The following information may be requested:

  • Whether the student’s teacher—
    • has met State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;
    • is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which State qualification or licensing criteria have been waived; and
    • is teaching in the field of discipline of the certification of the teacher.
  • Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

If you wish to request information concerning your child’s teacher’s qualifications, please contact the school’s principal.

Upson-Lee Primary School          706-647-7516

Upson-Lee Elementary  School   706-647-3632

Upson-Lee Middle School            706-647-6256

Upson-Lee High School                706-647-8171